Jack discovers Pat has lied to her, whilst Jackie meets up with ex-girlfriend Jane. Also, Sandie takes an interest in Alan's horse William.


Matt is furious with Jack about being at the Merricks' caravan, not at the farm where he might have been able to save a sheep in labour. Alan moves his horse to the stables. Sandie takes an interest in William and Alan arranges to find her someone to give her horse riding lessons. Matt vents to Dolly about Jack and begins to blame Dolly. Jack snaps at Matt when Dolly, Matt and Jack discuss Pat. Amos is disappointed in Henry's reaction to his news from Mr. Tyler about reporting an important article. Henry rows with Amos about stealing his country notes and calling him an assistant and offers Amos the opportunity to apologise. Amos apologises and Henry accepts. Alan is fuming to discover the rest of his belongings will be late. He phones Lincoln Delivery Services to complain, and Pat manages to hide the fact she forgot to call them. Alan allows Jack to borrow a digger but asks him to clear it with Joe. He finds Pat in the office and uses the opportunity to ask Joe for the dinner and Pat if she wants to go out. Pat turns him down as she's already going out by herself and a row nearly ensues. Jack is angry when Joe informs Jack the digger won't be available for weeks and he storms off. Jackie arranges for Jane to come over and Joe evades Jackie's questions about who he's going out with. Joe takes Pat to an expensive restaurant. Donald decides to take the bishop's offer of a promotion to Rural Dean. Jack, Dolly and Matt go out to Kevin's for dinner and are stunned to bump into Pat and Joe.


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