Jack is angry after seeing Pat and Joe together and makes snide remarks. Dolly gets them to stop arguing and gets Pat and Joe to join. Jack is jealous over Joe helping Pat and Dolly makes a remark about Jack's behaviour. Sandie helps Amos write an article on the school play. Jack insults Pat and Joe and they decide to leave abruptly. Jackie flirts with Jane and asks her to go upstairs with him but she rejects. He tries to kiss her but calls him unromantic. He tells her he's glad she came and they're soon kissing as Joe bursts in, and he orders Jane home. Jackie tells Sandie about the events with Jane last night and Sandie tells Jackie about Joe taking Pat out. Alan invites Henry and Amos to an informal gathering but Amos discovers he can't go as it's on the same night as the school play. Frank is furious when Amos tells him something's come up. Frank suggests he misses the play and fakes the rest of the story. Amos reluctantly agrees.


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