It's Dolly's birthday and Matt, Joe and Jack celebrate with her. However, the celebrations come to a halt when Annie calls to let the family know Sam has been taken ill with pneumonia. Meanwhile, Jackie and Pat begin to get their relationship back on track.


Dolly wakes up and Matt gives her a present - the dress she had wanted. He convinces her to stay in bed and Matt goes to cook her breakfast, but Dolly wants a "proper" birthday kiss. Sandie tells Henry that the school play didn't go ahead. Amos is shocked and worried when Henry reveals the play was cancelled. He gets Jackie to buy all the copies from the shop and throws them in the bin. Seth brings a ferret into The Woolpack and Amos loses his marbles, throwing Seth out. Sam and Seamus can't go out as Sam has a cold. Seamus rings a doctor for Sam. Annie struggles to wake Sam up. Amos is still fuming over Seth bringing a ferret into The Woolpack. Henry is suspicious when Amos stops him from throwing the rubbish in the bin outside. He pulls Amos off the bin and finds all the Hotten Courier newspapers. Henry discovers that Amos's article isn't even in the newspaper and Amos is petrified when he gets a phone call. He gets a telling off from Mr. Tyler and promises never to write a fake article again. Sandie and Pat are surprised when Jackie comes for dinner and wants to stay the night at the caravan. Joe and Jack accidentally get Dolly the same present. The celebrations are ruined by Annie's news that Sam is in hospital with pneumonia.


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  • Emmerdale Farm takes a short break and returns 4th May 1982.
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