Sam has an emergency operation after his condition deteriorates further, and the family are scared he won't pull through. Meanwhile, Amos is infuriated when an error ends up with the drayman delivering the wrong beer and he refuses to fix the order for Amos.


Sister Milner tells Annie and Jack that Sam is quite poorly, however they can't know anything for definite until the chest specialist checks over Sam. Dolly is upset and Matt comforts her. Mr. Cornwell checks over Sam and thinks the pneumonia has returned. Annie is shocked when Mr. Cornwell suggests they might have to perform a bronchoscopy operation on Sam depending on the x-ray and the antibiotics working. Sister Milner informs Annie that Sam will be transferred to a side room and put on a heart rate monitor, but just as a precaution. Joe arrives and is filled in. Henry gets a phone call from Dolly about Sam and he informs Amos. Annie struggles seeing Sam in the side room. The next morning, Jack informs the family that the antibiotics failed and Sam had a lung collapse. The doctors will need to operate, but they're frightened it could be a growth. Annie wants to see Sam before the operation. The drayman drops off the beer but the order is incorrect and Amos orders the drayman to fix the order. The drayman refuses and Amos goes off the rails. Annie gets upset going through a book of photos. She recalls when she tried to save a cat but Sam stopped her, telling her that the cat knew it's time had come and gone to die. She worries the same will happen to Sam. Sam is taken for an operation earlier than planned. Sister Milner informs Joe and Annie that they couldn't wait for the operation as Sam was beginning to get worse. Annie frets and Joe tries to comfort her.


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