The list of problems at Emmerdale Farm keep growing as the crop spraying causes the cattle to stampede. Meanwhile, Henry explodes at Amos and Seth and Jackie decide to skive off work...


Henry is sick of Amos and explodes at him. Seth wants him and Jackie to go into Hotten as they can't be on the farm with the helicopter spraying, but Joe sends them to help Daniel at Ridge Farm. Bill helps show Donald that the world is different from what it used to be. Seth gets Jackie to ditch work with him. Joe shows the helicopter pilot where to spray, the fields in Home Farm and Emmerdale Farm. Henry vents about Amos to Annie. Jack apologises to Sam and Sam says he doesn't want to fall out with Jack. Walter's beer is cloudy and Amos refuses it to replace it until Henry steps in, so Seth makes his beer cloudy too. Amos is suspicious of Seth. The helicopter pilot begins spraying. Amos decides to go on a holiday. Jackie and Seth notice cows in one of the Emmerdale Farm paddocks being sprayed, but Seth convinces Jackie if there was any problem they would have been moved, and only NY Estates property is being sprayed. As they leave, the cows become increasingly unhappy. As the helicopter sprays again, they stampede and crash through a fence.


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