Joe's future at NY Estates is in jeopardy when Jack makes clear he will be suing the company. Meanwhile, Jackie gets a raw deal from Seth and Sid's offer is looking attractive...


Matt comes across a cow killed in the stampede and another aborted. Matt goes to the farmhouse and calls a vet. The pilot lets Alan know they've finished, and tells Joe there is no additional cost for the two Emmerdale Farm fields. Matt and Dolly burst Jack's bubble by telling him about the cows stampeding. Jack explodes at Matt and Dolly leaps to his defence, she gets upset and storms out. Sam is moved into the ward and Sister Milner introduces Sam to patients Mr Watson and Mr Gibson (who are asleep) and a little boy named David, in the bed next to Sam. Joe confronts Jackie over him and Seth skiving. Sid Pickles introduces himself to Jackie. Amos is cold towards Sid as he's a Maltshovel regular. Jack blames the pilot for the stampede and intends to take action against NY Estates. Jack goes up to Home Farm and confronts Alan. Jack wants compensation and threatens to go to the CAA. Jackie is unhappy about his cut from him and Seth selling the trout. Sid offers Jackie a way to earn a good amount of money by getting him pheasants for his friend's restaurant. Jackie agrees.


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