Sam is intrigued by David's Rubik's cube. He challenges Sam to a game of draughts, but Sam says he will play later on. Alan confronts Joe over the spraying at Emmerdale Farm and that it caused a cow to abort and another to die during a stampede. Alan informs Joe that Joe could lose his job and cost the pilot his license. Bill talks to Jackie and Sandie about what could be done to get people interested in the youth club. Jack argues with Matt and Joe. He blames the pilot but Joe blames Jack. Jack shows no signs of backing down, so Joe writes a cheque for £1,000. Jack rips it up, telling Joe he wants NY's money, not Joe's. Joe storms out. Annie makes Jack think of his true intentions. Jackie is caught up in the torrential rain and reluctantly accepts a lift from Jack. He uses the opportunity to ask Jackie if he saw the helicopter, Jackie tells him to ask Seth. Sid is pleased with Jackie delivering the pheasant. Alan calls the pilot to get a detailed report. Pat accepts a lift to the caravan from Jack. Amos decides to go to Costa Del Sol, Spain for his holiday after being given a lovely description of the place by his tour manager. Jack is relieved that Pat is on his side about the crop spraying ordeal. Jack talks Pat into letting him take her out. Sandie walks in on Pat and Jack talking.


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