Jackie is horrified to learn that Sid is untrustworth, and Jack gives Sid a stern warning. Meanwhile, Sandie gets a job in a clothes shop.


Amos works out how much pocket money he needs for his trip to Costa Del Sol. Joe asks Jackie how he knows Sid. Joe informs Jackie that Sid is a villain who is renown for crooked details and warns Jackie to stay away, Jackie is worried. Sam is desperate to get out of hospital. Sam tells Dolly and Matt about David, who plays games with Sam all day but runs off when Sam gets visitors. Annie talks to Henry about Jack wanting to sue NY Estates. Henry is on Jack's side. David tells Sam he'd rather play draughts than have visitors. Sam wants to read his paper but David wants to play. Sam snaps at him, but as he tries to apologise, David ignores him. Annie, Henry, Jack, Joe, Matt and Dolly discuss Jack suing NY. Henry wants to take over from Jack, and Jack reluctantly agrees. Matt is unhappy with Dolly wanting to help Henry at The Woolpack with Amos away. Dolly manages to talk Matt around, but she sees Matt is worried about Dolly losing the baby again - however Dolly is confident. Jackie is annoyed when he discovers Sandie has discovered his wad of money. Seth is suspicious of Jackie. Jack comes in The Woolpack and warns Sid to keep away from Jackie, as if he discovers a deal going on, he will call the police. Sid tries to deny all knowledge. A shop manager tries to talk Sandie into buying a pair of jeans. He knocks the price on them down to £10. Sam is full of regret when he discovers David has been taken for an operation and he hasn't had a chance to apologise. Sandie tells Pat that the shop manager has offered Sandie a job at the clothes shop, and she's already accepted.


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