Jackie has a brush with the law but Seth gets him off the hook. Meanwhile, Dolly and Matt make plans for the barn conversion whilst Joe explodes at Jack.


Jack wants to get a tractor like Clifford's. Sam gets a telling off from Annie when she spots him out of bed. Matt is still unsure about Dolly working at The Woolpack. Matt and Dolly discuss the barn conversion and Dolly decides to make some sketches. Jackie gives some pheasants to Bill. Jack and Joe argue in The Woolpack. Sgt. MacArthur arrives at The Woolpack and notices the pheasant in the back of Bill's motorbike. Bill tries to evade MacArthur's questions and MacArthur warns Bill not to mess him around. Bill tells MacArthur that an employee of NY Estates gave him the pheasant and MacArthur apologises. Donald jumps when Bill mentions his dust up with MacArthur. MacArthur questions Jackie over the pheasants and threatens to bring up the slashed tyres on Jack's land rover. Pat walks in and Jackie asks MacArthur to talk to Seth. After he leaves, Jackie rushes off to talk to Seth. Seth backs up Jackie's story but Seth is angry towards Jackie. Matt loves Dolly's plans for the barn conversion. Sandie wants to go out with Barry but Pat is reluctant to let her.


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