Clare's mother and boyfriend come to see her, and Simon proposes to Clare. Janie helps a deaf elderly woman to the doctors.


Joe's motorbike has broken down again. Matt is having to repaint the kitchen at Hawthorn Cottage as Peggy is not happy with the colour. Peggy does her washing at Emmerdale and takes the twins home with her. Janie accompanies a deaf Amy Postlethwaite to the doctors to ask for some hayfever pills. Dr. Scott notices her old fashioned hearing aid and wants her to have something more up to date. Sam tells Amos that Alison might be coming back to Beckindale. Dr. Scott's mother, Mavis, and boyfriend, Simon, arrive at the surgery from London. Janie realises she's left her shopping bag in the surgery. Dr. Scott makes dinner for Mavis and Simon. Simon shares the news that he has been offered a job with the research team of a pharmaceutical firm near Bradford to treat asthma and bronchitis. Mavis tries to push them together again. Annie's washing machine has broken; Matt tries to fix it. They discuss Peggy and both agree that she's working too hard. Simon and Mavis have spent the night at Dr Scott's. She's amazed that Simon is planning to give up living in London. He proposes to her.


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