Chas wants Aaron to go to the police but he refuses, saying Gordon lied to his face when he confronted him about his actions and knows he would do the same to them. He asks her not to tell anyone else. Rakesh gives Ross forms to sign to get him on Moses's birth certificate. Ross is surprised that Charity has agreed and Emma is silently concerned when she receives a visiting order from Charity in the post. Jimmy is pleased when Nicola goes over some numbers he neglected ahead of a meeting. Eric is impressed when Duncan drops off some vintage wine for the tasting. Aaron informs Robert he's told Chas what Gordon did to him and insists he's done talking about it now. Chas goes to see Gordon and confronts him over his actions. Emma goes to see Charity in prison, but wonders what she's got herself into when Charity says she could be useful when she wants to call in a favour. Emma tries to wriggle out of it but Charity threatens to lie that Emma kidnapped Noah to orchestrate Ross being registered as Moses's father. She tells Emma she'll let her know when she needs her. Gordon denies Chas' accusations and tries to deflect the situation onto a football coach of Aaron's who supposedly got imprisoned for abusing children. He wonders if Aaron is confused. Chas doesn't believe him and explains that Aaron went into great detail about what happened, remembering specific events and including how he was too afraid to fight back. She thumps him. Lawrence and Bernice are relieved as Eric welcomes them at the wine tasting. Eric instructs Carly to get rid of one of the wine bottles as quickly impossible when Finn notices that it tastes disgusting. Gordon shifts the blame on to Chas saying her walking out made Aaron turn violent and nasty and made him blame him for her leaving. He explains that Aaron made trouble thinking that if he continued to be bad then Chas would have to come back and sort him out but she didn't. He admits somebody had to keep him line. Emma's still nervous over Charity's words as she and James head off to Pete's court hearing. Eric, Carly and Tracy receive a shock when Trading Standards arrive at the wine tasting following a tip-off that they're selling counterfeit wine. Robert tries to persuade Aaron to go to the police but Aaron instructs him to leave him alone. Gordon accuses Chas of being heartless and selfish for walking out on them and pins her against the wall as she makes a move to leave. She threatens to go to the police over Aaron's accusations but he's adamant that the police won't find any evidence and tells her to prove it.


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