Alan plans to give Dolly and Matt an offer they can't refuse. Meanwhile, Teddy and Sandie's date is ruined by Jack's arrival.


Joe tells Henry about Sam exploding at him. Teddy takes Sandie to the disco and then to The Woolpack to give her a drink in the carpark. They kiss but Jack storms over and tells Teddy to leave. Teddy tells Jack it's none of his business. Sandie is furious with Jack and takes out her mood on Pat. Jackie and Sandie have come round to the idea of moving into Emmerdale Farm. Annie talks to Pat and Jack about the wedding. When Annie leaves, Pat asks Jack about what happened last night with Sandie. Alan calls Matt to arrange a time to discuss him and Dolly moving into Tolly's Farm. Alan wants Matt to work as the Home Farm shepherd as Jesse Gillin will be retiring soon, but Joe doesn't think he will leave Emmerdale Farm.


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