Liv finds Aaron at the scrapyard and accuses him of being a liar. He realises it was her that scratched his car. Ross wants Charity to get Debbie's mobile number from Cain for him, convinced that together they can persuade her to return. Aaron takes Liv back to The Woolpack and introduces her to Chas. He realises he needs to give Liv answers. Laurel's hen party gets underway at the salon. She invites Harriet to join her, Bernice, Gabby, Brenda, Kerry and Nicola when she arrives to book an appointment. Aaron struggles to explain his abuse to Liv as she pushes him for answers. She still refuses to believe him. Ashley urges Doug to be there for Laurel. Chas calls Sandra to pick up Liv. Alone in the backroom, Liv snoops through Chas's phone and finds Gordon's address. Chrissie and Andy are awkward around each other at Home Farm. Chas and Aaron discover Liv has disappeared and realise she's gone to see Gordon. Charity pushes Cain to give her Debbie's number but he refuses. Jimmy, Eric, Lawrence and Sandy get Ashley's stag party underway in The Woolpack with retro games. Harriet deduces that Laurel's pregnant at the hen party when she avoids pate and Brenda's games. Laurel asks her to stay quiet but Nicola overhears and soon the entire hen party are discussing the news as Doug enters. Aaron and Zak rush off to Gordon's house as Sandra arrives at The Woolpack to collect Liv. She's concerned as Chas tells her that Liv has gone to Gordon's. Chas is certain she is hiding something and refuses to let Sandra leave until she explains. Gordon is surprised to answer the door to Liv and lets her in.


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