Ashley and Laurel are in good spirits on the morning of their wedding. A guilty Harriet panics as Ben the vicar is so hungover that he's in no state to conduct the wedding. Sam gets a surprise when he returns to Home Farm early and Chrissie flashes him, thinking he is Andy. Dan is annoyed when he opens the electricity bill at Dale Head. Joanie decides it's time she got a job so she and Zak can contribute to the bills. Sandra leaves Liv with Aaron while she goes to the police to make a statement. Joanie asks Brenda for a job at the café but she's told there are no vacancies. The villagers gather outside the church while waiting for Ben. Doug presents Ashley with a cheque for him and Laurel as an apology for his recent behaviour. Ashley becomes worried when there is no sign of the vicar. Aaron tells Robert about Sandra finally going to the police. Robert decides to treat Aaron and Liv to lunch. Kerry suggests Harriet conduct the wedding when Ben is still too hungover. Ashley gets a surprise when Harriet turns up in place of Ben. Robert is suspicious when Liv asks him questions about him being shot. Ashley and Laurel are married. Sandra and Chas arrive back from the police station. Liv sees Chas's hostility towards Robert as she slips out. Chrissie covers to Sam that she has a meeting and asks him to hold the fort at the office until she's back. She slips away to meet Andy. Liv slips off to see Gordon and apologises for hitting him so hard yesterday. She informs Sandra has gone to the police and promises to help him. Chrissie returns Andy's boxers at Butler's Farm. The pair are soon taking advantage of the empty farmhouse. Laurel and Ashley pop back to Mulberry Cottage for some alone time ahead of the reception. The reception gets underway without them. Rhona worries she and Paddy will never be able to patch up their marriage. Laurel's upset when she finds Ashley in a daze in the kitchen. Confused, he asks if Marlon knows she's with him and wants to know where Harriet is.


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