Amos is upset when he doesn't receive an invite to Pat and Jack's wedding, but Seth is the one in for a shock when Amos finally receives an invite. Meanwhile, Teddy is fired by Joe and he prepares for revenge...


Amos notices Henry has gotten a wedding invitation to Jack and Pat's wedding, but he hasn't gone one. Henry is confused when Amos all of a sudden gets in a mood. Alan asks Pat if she will continue working at Home Farm when she marries Jack. Joe tells Annie that he thinks Matt and Dolly should get the barn. Amos is still annoyed Henry was invited to the wedding and he wasn't, he refuses to accept Henry's explanation. Amos is so happy when he receives an invite, he gives Seth a shock by giving him a pint on the house. Teddy surprises Sandie by meeting her at the bus stop. Sandie refuses to go out with him over Pat and Jack's marriage, Teddy is unhappy. Jack spots Teddy and Sandie together and decides to leave them to it. Joe confronts Teddy over Teddy not working. Joe calls him a liar and fires Teddy, Teddy is fuming and declares it's not over. Teddy tells Jackie that Joe's got something coming for him...


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