Alan gives Matt the offer of a high paying job and a free house, and he heavily considers it - but Emmerdale Farm can't afford to lose him. Meanwhile, Alan informs Joe that Teddy now has grounds for unfair dismissal. At the same time, Teddy breaks into the chemical shed and switches the crop sprayer with weedkiller...


Jack confronts Donald over his refusal to bless Jack and Pat's wedding. Teddy vents to Jackie about Joe sacking him and believes Jack has put Joe up to it. Alan is furious when Joe informs him that Teddy has been sacked, telling Joe that he's given Teddy the opportunity to win if he sues for unfair dismissal. Teddy breaks into the chemical shed at Home Farm and he switches the crop spray with weedkiller. Henry and Seth are shocked when Teddy reveals he has been sacked. Teddy announces his plans to sue for unfair dismissal. Sam is astounded when Sandie reveals she calls her teachers by their first times. Sam takes to Jackie quickly. Joe doesn't want to reinstate Teddy. Matt and Dolly talk to Alan. Alan tells Matt that as Jesse Gillin is retiring, and offers him a job. With a high wage and a free house involved, Matt heavily considers it.


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