Megan tells Sam that she's arranged for Eliza's christening to take place on Tuesday and asks him to be godfather. Jai overhears and is hurt at not being consulted. He asks Megan if Priya can be Eliza's godmother. She agrees. Zak secretly continues to try and fight his jealousy over Rishi's friendship with Joanie. Laurel thinks Gabby should have her phone taken off her for what she's done, but Ashley disagrees, believing a softer approach is necessary. Belle continues to ignore Dr Bailey as he attempts to call her. Chrissie confides in Andy about how Ronnie could be her father but he encourages her to drop the idea, insisting that Lawrence loves her. Zak eyes Joanie and Rishi getting on well together in the pub and succumbs to his jealousy by thumping Rishi in front of a mortified Lisa. David encourages Jacob to talk to him the next time he's feeling worried. Joanie and Zak's relationship changes footing as Joanie explains that she'd marry him, giving him a blunt ultimatum when he makes a comment about returning Lisa. Tracy interrupts David reading an article in a woman's magazine about testicular cancer and teases him. She hides her hurt as David tries to get rid of her. Lisa is surprised when Zak arrives at Wishing Well Cottage asking to speak with her. He tells her that he and Joanie have decided to get married. She's floored but does her best to wish him well before sobbing after he leaves. Eric gives Gabby a telling off in the café for getting Jacob drunk. Gabby lets slip to him about David's cancer. Lisa tries to hide her upset from Belle but eventually reveals that Zak and Joanie are planning to marry. She finally breaks down and admits that she finds herself jumping for Zak whenever he pops round as it reminds her of what they had before Joanie came along. She encourages Belle to never go looking for love as it never turns out real in the end. Eric confronts David over Gabby's admission. David admits he's waiting for his results, explaining he didn't want to tell him until he was sure either way. Eric reassures him he will be fine. Gabby apologises to Ashley for lying and getting drunk. He makes her promise it won't happen again. Jai asks Priya to be godmother to Eliza and she happily accepts. She makes a joke about Megan just as she walks in the pub and overhears. Lisa is mortified as Zak proposes to Joanie in The Woolpack and she accepts. Bernice tries to persuade Chrissie to give Lawrence a chance to make things up to her. Lisa calls Belle to apologise for her words earlier, saying she was upset and didn't mean them. After the phone call, Belle hangs up and returns to the arms of Dr Bailey. They resume kissing.


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