The day has come for Jack and Pat's wedding day, and Jack has managed to get a vicar to bless their wedding as Pat wanted. Meanwhile, Joe stands by his decisions to sack Teddy. Also, Seth goes overboard when he is asked to man the bar in The Woolpack.


Jack has gotten a vicar of St. Barnaby's Church in Hotten to bless the wedding. Pat worries about how it will look to Donald. Jack doesn't think they should consider Donald's feelings as he didn't consider Pat's. Joe tells Alan that he will not reinstate Teddy and if he wants it done Alan will have to do it himself. He tells Alan if that makes things complicated then Alan can sack him or Joe can resign. Alan tells Joe to calm down and he can tell Teddy himself. Jack asks Joe to be his best man, Joe accepts. Henry and Amos get ready for the wedding. Their stand-in barman has been rushed to Hotten General with suspected appendicitis, meaning one of them will have to stay to run the bar. Henry decides to ask Seth to run the bar. Alan talks Seth into doing it. Jack is grateful that Sam has come to the wedding. Jack and Pat go to get married with Joe and Annie as witnesses. Henry and Amos arrive slightly late and park illegally. Jack and Pat are married, Henry and Amos burst in as Pat and Jack exchange rings. Seth gets drunk behind the bar and falls over in the backroom. Jackie and Sandie agree to spend the night at Emmerdale Farm.


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