Belle makes Jermaine nervous as she chats to Angie and shows off the necklace that her 'boyfriend' bought her. Emma awkwardly chats with her also. Finn brainstorms ideas with Holly and Victoria for starting his own business. He settles on the idea of a cab firm, believing Pete would be able to help out too. Jermaine guilts Belle into keeping quiet over the affair by pointing out Lisa needs to avoid getting upset or stressed. Adam informs Finn he might run into problems with his cab firm with a criminal record. Jimmy takes over from David as the prize for the man raffle. Pearl wins him for £200 with Jai's help. Eric worries about David when he disappears. Tracy offers to secretly cover in the shop while he has his operation. She drowns her sorrow over the bad feeling between her and David. Belle confides in Charity that she's been seeing a married man and asks for advice on how to get revenge on him for using her. Jai approaches Megan with the idea of them getting back together to form a proper family for Eliza. She bluntly cuts him down saying they're getting divorced and she'll be happier for it. Pearl instructs Jimmy to be with her at 8am the next morning. Eric finds a drunk and emotional David naked at Farrers Barn. Ross suggests to Finn he set the business up in his name and then leave Finn to run it. Eric tries to sober David up ahead of his operation the next day. David insists he's decided not to have the operation. Belle plants a lipstick in Jermaine's car for Angie to find. Jai worries that his words to Megan may see her limiting his access to Eliza. Belle watches Jermaine and Angie drive away.


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