Pearl has Jimmy gardening for her with nothing but an apron on. Eric persuades David to go ahead with the operation. Lisa is upset to see Belle so unhappy and knows it is down to her boyfriend. Angie finds Belle's lipstick in Jermaine's car. Ashley offers to do the annual budget for Harriet. Tracy encourages Eric to stay strong for David. Jai's concerned when Megan doesn't return his calls. Ashley is annoyed when Harriet notices he has made mistakes with the budget. Tracy receives a shock when Jacob arrives at The Grange asking for David's whereabouts. Jermaine confronts Belle over planting a lipstick in his car. He tells her he told Angie he gave a colleague a lift. Belle admits she was angry and begs him for another chance. He insists he can't. David wakes disoriented from his operation and is informed the procedure went as planned. Leyla turns up at the B&B angry at Jacob for leaving without warning. She's surprised to find that Tracy knows about David's cancer when she informs her that it has spread to his lymph nodes. Tracy fills her in on the details of what happened while she was away. Jai speaks to Megan and she promises to continue to allow him access to Eliza. Eric's shocked to return to the shop and find Jacob and Leyla there. He informs him David is on a business trip. Jermaine finds Belle at Wishing Well Cottage and kisses her, telling her he can't stop thinking about her. Jacob rings David who covers about his whereabouts. He promises Jacob he'll return to see him tomorrow.


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