Clare tells Simon that she doesn't want to marry yet. He decides to return home with Mavis. Clare refers Liz to an osteopath regarding her back, whilst Sam and Peggy row over christening the twins.


A boy, Bobby, spies on Jack and Joe as they talk at the farm. Dr. Scott tells Mavis she's not intending to marry yet; now she just has to break the news to Simon. Bobby calls into The Woolpack and asks Amos for a packet of crisps for his dinner. He then follows Jack and Joe as they walk down to Hawthorn Cottage. They catch Bobby and discover he is the brother of Carol Benfield. Sam has argued with Peggy over her not planning to christen the twins. Dr. Scott tells Simon she doesn't want to get married yet, he decides to go back to London with Mavis. Jack and Joe invite Bobby to dinner at Hawthorn Cottage. Liz is back from her holiday, she visits Dr. Scott to find the results of her x-rays. She wants to refer her to an osteopath. Peggy visits Annie at Emmerdale with the twins. They bath the babies together.


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