Finn informs Ross about Emma's doctors appointment. He decides not to go, but asks to be kept informed of the results. Jai takes Eliza for a walk to give poorly Megan a break. Aaron receives his deed poll letter which officially confirms he is now 'Aaron Dingle'. Chas and Charity decide to throw a family party to celebrate. Carly wonders if there is anything going on between Pierce and Rhona, making it clear to Brenda that she fancies him. Jai decides to take the day off work to spend it with Eliza. Emma tells Finn and Pete not to worry as she waits for her 'test results'. The party gets underway as Aaron has his first pint as a Dingle. Dr Bailey stalls on giving Emma her results, which winds Pete up. He fails to give into Emma's blackmail and tells them that Emma is not ill, and her symptoms are likely stress related. Cain tries to force Aaron to drink out a wellie insisting he is not a proper Dingle other wise. Adam lets slip to Aaron that Robert withheld a letter from Gordon. Emma makes it clear to Jermaine that she could still tell his wife about the affair, but Jermaine hits back that he could also tell her sons about her pretending to be ill. Emma realises she will have to let Pete go, and apologises to Jermaine. Aaron confronts Robert about the letter. Charity flirts with Cain in front of Moira. Cain tells Lisa that Belle finished with her mystery man before he could find out who it was. Robert tries to explain his actions by reminding Aaron that he didn't want anything to do with Gordon and admits he got rid of the letter, but Aaron insists reading the letter was his choice to make. Jimmy and Jai talk things over in the park and Jimmy reminds Jai that Megan isn't the only woman in the world. Adam apologises to Aaron for not mentioning the letter sooner, and he sticks up for Robert, suggesting Aaron should just let the matter drop. He offers to accompany Aaron to the prison if he wants to visit Gordon. Pierce informs Rhona he got the job, insisting he couldn't have done it without her. Belle warns Holly to keep out of her business in the future, although Cain thanks her. DS Wise arrives at Aaron's party, asking for a word with Aaron and Liv. Jimmy informs Nicola that he has decided to find Jai a date, and they decide to make a bet who can Jai a date first. In the backroom, DS Wise asks Aaron and Liv to sit down, and breaks the news that Gordon has been found dead.


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Charity Dingle: "Oh sorry am I in the middle of something?"
Robert Sugden: "Er, your 50s!"
Charity Dingle: "Oh hey, I need to watch out then because you like older women. But no, wait a sec, my daddy isn't rich, and oh, you're gay this week!"


DS Wise: "Gordon Livesy...He's dead."

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