Jackie confronts Teddy, but their heated exchange results in a brutal punch-up. Meanwhile, Matt and Dolly are given the barn in order to keep Matt on at Emmerdale Farm.


Seth tells Amos about the crops being poisoned at Home Farm in exchange for a free point. Alan is told not to contact the police and to avoid any publicity. Amos rings Alan and Alan convinces Amos he is having his leg pulled. He tells Amos that the gossip spreader and Hotten Courier will be sued if anyone says anything. Alan is confused who the blabber is. Jackie confronts Teddy over killing the crops and trying to frame Jack. Teddy insults Jack, Sandie and Pat and Jackie starts beating him up. Teddy fights back and they fall in the river. Henry tells Annie and Sam that Matt has been offered a job for NY Estates. Sam tells Annie that if Matt and Dolly don't get the barn, there's nothing stopping Matt leaving them - and the farm would struggle without Matt's help. Joe finds Jackie and Teddy covered in blood. Jackie ignores Joe and tells Teddy to drop dead. Pat tells Jack that Matt's been offered a job at NY as a shepherd. Donald helps Jackie clean himself up. Jack notices Donald take him in and follows. Jack and Jackie argue and Jack leaves. Jack confronts Joe over the knowledge of Matt's job offering. Jack offers to ask Pat if she'd consider giving Matt and Dolly the barn in order to keep him at Emmerdale Farm. He asks her and Pat agrees. Seth puts his foot in it by accidentally revealing to Joe that he's been eavesdropping - Joe points out it's a sack-able offence. Matt and Dolly have accepted Jack and Pat's offer of the barn.


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