Joe is annoyed when Jackie prioritises spending time with Graham over work. Meanwhile, Dolly is annoyed with the slow progress of the barn conversion.


"When Pat an' the kids moved into Emmerdale after t'wedding, Jack wanted to do up the side barn for them all to live in. Of course Matt and I had our eyes on the barn long since. And what with this baby on the way and Jackie going back to t'caravan, Jack and Pat agreed it were best to let us have the barn after all. So we got plans drawn up and the builder started work. Past two months haven't been easy with us all crowded into t'farmhouse. But at least Matt and I knew it wouldn't be long before we had a place of us own." - Dolly Skilbeck (see notes)

Joe tells Jackie off for turning up to work hungover after drinking with Graham the night before. Dolly tries to talk to Bert but Bert has to tell Leroy to turn down the music. Bert is unable to give Dolly a time for when it'll be done. Dolly is annoyed with how unprepared Leroy and Bert are with their jobs. The family find problems with all the rooms being occupied. Graham distracts Jackie from his job. Dolly is frustrated with the slow progress. Graham tries to convince Jackie to consider joining the army. Henry is furious to see Primrose Dingle is being used as a construction site.


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