Dolly has a fall down the stairs at the barn conversion, but will the baby be OK? Meanwhile, Pat is horrified to learn Graham has convinced Jackie to sign up for the army, and Jackie is annoyed by her disapproval.


Dolly is worried when Pat says she would have lost Jackie if it wasn't for the antenatal. Jackie tells Graham that he passed his army test. Henry is still frustrated with what NY Estates are doing with Primrose Dingle. Amos offers to write an article supporting Henry and Henry rushes him to the backroom. Dolly tells Matt that he has to tell Bert to hurry the work. She is desperate to move in and Matt agrees. Jackie is not happy when Joe tells him to take over John's duties as John has broken his wrist. Henry twists his ankle walking Primrose Dingle. Jackie tells Pat he wants to join the army, she disapproves as she doesn't want him killing nor risking being killed. Dolly falls down the stairs at the barn conversion.


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