Alan is left seething after he discovers Henry has complained to Meadows. Meanwhile, vet Martin Butler takes an interest in Sandie and asks her out.


Matt fusses over Dolly after she falls down the stairs at the barn conversion. Henry rings Christopher Meadows over the Primrose Dingle business. Amos gets a letter from Arnold Harvey, but Arnold has accidentally gotten the envelopes mixed up and sent Amos a letter intended for his sister Audrey. Alan receives a call over Henry's complaint, Alan tells Pat that two can play at that game. Later, Meadows phones and Alan tells him the dumping contract was Joe's doing. Alec is annoyed when Joe says there's been a complaint. Joe asks him to hurry up but Alec says he's going as fast as he can. Sam tells Pat that he thinks Jackie joining the army is a very good idea. Pat still wants to talk him out of it. Martin, the vet, takes an interest in Sandie and asks if she wants to come to the surgery to see the animals.


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