Annie helps Ronnie with the Crossthwaite's move to Hull. Meanwhile, Alison returns and begins looking for a job.


Ronnie Crossthwaite arrives at Emmerdale Farm. He's come back to Beckindale from Hull to sort the sale of his and Beryl's house. Annie plans a family meal. Liz arrives back from the doctors; Reverend Ruskin worries about her when she seems down. Annie helps Ronnie to pack up some things from the cottage. She offers to organise an estate agent. Henry arrives back in the village with Alison. She says that she's sold her house in Liverpool and is now looking for a job back in Beckindale. Sam discovers Bess has gone missing. The family meal is delayed. Henry talks to Annie about moving on. He also wants to arrange a meeting of Emmerdale Farm Ltd as soon as possible. Bess runs into Dr. Scott's house and eats her supper. Jack goes to collect her. Peggy arrives for the meal as Henry and Jack leave. Jack gets on well with Dr. Scott, he asks her out for a meal and she accepts.


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