Jackie spirals out of control and, trying to teach Alan a lesson, torches the Home Farm Caravan. Meanwhile, Jack and Matt are stunned to discover the cows' food contained bits of metal, whilst Sandie dumps Martin.


Seth tells Donald that Alan's fired Jackie. Donald informs Pat that Jackie has been sacked. Matt is concerned for the cow Sandie was also concerned about. Sam is absolutely infuriated as he feels he has been "shouted down" by Pat. Pat and Jackie rush to try and find Jackie. Joe confronts Jackie over firing him. Jackie has a meeting with the recruiting officer before shortly being officially recruited for the army. Amos is impressed that Jackie has signed up for the army and congratulates him. Martin discovers two of the cows have swallowed metal. One needs to be put down and one needs to be operated on. Pat tells Jackie she doesn't want him to go, but he is insistent on leaving. Pat keeps going on and Jackie snaps, telling her that Jack is not his father and asking what she knows about Tom. Martin impresses Sandie with saving the cow. Sandie tells Martin that she's fallen for another man and they split on good terms. Martin reveals to Jack and Matt that there are bits of metal in the food. Sandie and Andy visit a drunk Jackie, he is in a bad way mentally. He goes on about how he wishes he never came, and then about Alan sacking him. He begins to get himself worked up, drinking and playing with matches. He pulls out a can of petrol and starts throwing it around the place, ranting about Alan and Jack. Throwing Sandie to the ground outside, he sets fire to the caravan, ignoring Sandie's pleas.


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  • Ian Sharrock slightly messes up his line during the final scene, accidentally saying "clamped" and quickly correcting himself to "cramped".

Memorable dialogue

Jackie Merrick: (referring to Sandie Merrick and Andy Longthorn) "Andy Pandy and randy Sandie."

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