Richard and Seth have narrow escaped when a lorry driver drives dangerously through the village. Meanwhile, Donald convinces Jackie to move into the Vicarage.


Henry is horrified to witness Richard, the paper boy, fall off his bike whilst narrowly avoiding getting struck by one of Alec Fenton's lorries. He gets straight onto the phone to Home Farm. Seth also narrowly avoids getting struck by a lorry. Donald offers to allow Jackie to stay at the Vicarage. Seth tries to stop one of the lorry drivers from going through a field, but the lorry driver informs him that the route has been changed. He continues driving and doesn't stop when Seth tries to block his path again. Jackie is only talked into going to the Vicarage when Donald tells him it might help his court case. Joe gets grief from Henry over the Primrose Dingle situation. Seth teases Amos over his weight and Amos is furious. Jackie leaves to move in with Donald at the Vicarage. Pat wishes Jackie kept his mouth shut and didn't tell her.


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