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Alan gets a shock when Sgt. MacArthur turns up with bad news. Meanwhile, Joe shows off his flash new car.


Seth is almost knocked off his bike by a nice car whilst cycling down the road. As he goes to confront the driver, he finds it's Joe. Matt and Jack are impressed by Joe's new car. Matt isn't looking forward to dad's night and Dolly teases him. Sgt. MacArthur tells Alan that Richard's mother has rung the police over her son nearly being hit by one of Fenton's lorries. Henry discovers Joe bought the car from Fenton's business. Alan tells Joe that some of the lorries are still going through Main Street. Henry is shocked by Amos's walking outfit. Sandie and Andy visit Jackie and find he's been drinking. Annie and Sam secretly laugh at Amos. Donald asks Pat if Jackie purposely torched the caravan. Sandie, Jackie and Andy get drunk.


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