Chrissie is adamant Diane needs to be stopped as she won't give up until they are out of business. She can't believe Lawrence is defending Diane, but Lawrence hopes things will blow over. Jai warns Kerry she is on thin ice. Bernice tells Diane she can't take on the White's and win, just as Chrissie appears at the door with an eviction notice. Joanie insists Zak will need to move into Wishing Well to look after Belle until Lisa comes home. In The Woolpack, Jai apologises to George about Kerry. Kerry appears with some documents so George invites her to join the meeting. Doug rips up the eviction notice but he and Bernice are surprised to lean about Diane breaking the window. Chrissie proceeds to insult Val before leaving. Kerry suggests chocolate tequila shots and George is impressed so Rishi gives Kerry some money to continue the negotiations with George alone. Leyla jokingly suggests Adam and Victoria are trying for a baby and soon realises they are. Pete tells Adam that James would be proud. Diane goes up to Home Farm hoping to grovel to Lawrence. She tries to get through to Lachlan, who insists Andy got what he deserved. Diane explains Andy didn't deserve that and neither did his children. She tells Lachlan he'll have to live with that eating away at him, although he could make that stop if he told the truth. Lachlan points his phone in Diane's face and takes a video of her. Lawrence walks in just as Diane loses her temper and slaps Lachlan. Lawrence orders Diane out of his house. George rests his hand Kerry's thigh and tells her he doesn't do business with someone unless he knows them very well. Jimmy moans to Bernice and Rodney about barely sleeping. Zak tips up at Wishing Well and tells Belle and Jermaine he is moving in until Lisa's back. Jimmy encourages Nicola to go on the spa break so he can get some sleep. Aaron talks to Adam about him and Victoria having a baby. PC Pierce turns up to talk to Diane. Kerry tries to seal the deal with George and decided to take things somewhere more private. Pete gets Ross to say sorry to Adam and Victoria. Chrissie tells PC Pierce that Diane attacked her home and assaulted her son. Bernice tries to lead Diane away, but Diane admits to breaking the window and is arrested.


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  • This episode was broadcast at the earlier time of 6.45pm due to coverage of World Cup Qualifiers.
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