Jackie, Sandie and Andy get in trouble when Sam discovers their sherry party at the Vicarage. Meanwhile, Amos takes an interest in walking and Alan confronts another one of Fenton's drivers.


Sam takes Amos on a walk, but Amos is overly-eager. Donald and Pat laugh at Amos's outfit. Annie tells Dolly when she was expecting, Joe and Peggy would kick a lot of the time, whilst Jack didn't as much. Dolly tells Annie she wants her baby to be a girl. Donald takes Pat to the Vicarage. Sandie, Jackie and Andy rush to clean up as Donald and Pat arrive. They lie about going to Mrs Longthorn's house for tea. As they leave, Pat and Donald discover all the sherry is gone. Alan is enraged when he spots a lorry driving outside the Village Store. Sandie feels sick and Jackie teases Amos. Sam is furious when he finds out Sandie is drunk, and Jackie snaps at Sam, saying that Sam is nothing to him. Alan has a word with the driver who drove through the village, and the driver gives Alan cheek until Alan reveals who he is. The driver tells Alan that Joe bought the car from Fenton. Alan tells Joe to return the car and to tell Fenton that the deal is off. Alan points out that Fenton only sold the car to Joe to keep him sweet. Donald tries to make Jackie see that Pat actually does care. He tries to get him to telephone Pat but Jackie rushes out, telling Donald he'll be away in the morning.


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