Amos takes his new-found passion for walking too far and ends up stranded at Black Ridge. Meanwhile, Joe gets one step ahead of a deceitful Alec.


Amos gets ready for going on a walk. Joe arranges to meet Alec. Jackie prepares to leave the Vicarage. Dolly reminds Matt that a child will be hard work, he reminds her that this will be his third child. Amos goes hiking but gets tired and needs a sit down. Joe tells Alec that Alan wants the contract stopped. Alec tells Joe to sort it out but Joe reminds Alec that he works for NY Estates and not him. Joe also tells Alec he has to give the car back but Alec says he won't take it back, and he will tell everyone it's a "tarted-up write-off" so nobody would want it either. Joe tells Alec the car has already been sold. Amos gets lost on the walk. Donald finds Jackie in the middle of a field, and thanks him. Jackie apologises for what he said, Donald allows Jackie to return to the Vicarage. Jackie confesses to burning down the caravan on purpose. Amos isn't back by when he said and he starts to worry. Amos gets to the top of Black Ridge but is unsure on how to get down.


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