The hunt is on for Amos, but will he be found before it's too late? Meanwhile, Donald tries to convince Jackie to plead guilty to arson.


Henry searches for Amos but cannot find him. Amos finds his watch's battery has died. Matt phones Sgt. Gill about Amos's disappearance. Amos twists his ankle running down the hill and trips. Donald suggests to Jackie to plead guilty. Sam blames himself for Amos's disappearance and is desperate to help. Annie gets him to be with Henry. Donald continues in his attempts to convince Jackie to plead guilty. Jackie decides to confess. Sgt. Gill phones to tell Matt that nobody has seen Amos. Jackie volunteers himself to help with the search when one of the men is unable to help as he is sick with the flu. The Fell Rescue Team head to Black Ridge and plan where to search and meet. Pat is worried about Jackie. She finds Sandie who is upset but she can't get what's wrong out of Sandie. Jackie finds Amos behind a wall. Despite going missing, Amos is still pleased with his achievement. Pat is proud of Jackie for finding Amos.


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