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Dolly is embarrassed when she mistakenly believes she's gone into labour. Meanwhile, Henry is incensed when Amos ends up driving customers away.


Henry gets a Christmas tree delivered from NY Estates. Amos doesn't like it. Jackie is fuming when Joe catches him taking a break. Sandie gets upset when Dolly tells her the geese on the farm get slaughtered to be cooked for Christmas dinner. Jackie gives Donald a Christmas tree, but tells him that he popped back to the Vicarage to get something. Henry is suspicious when Amos persuades the customers to drink less. Dolly starts having small contractions but takes no notice. Jackie thinks he'll be in prison for the next Christmas. He tells Seth that he'll be glad to leave Beckindale if he gets sent down or leaves for the army. Amos refuses to serve Seth anymore alcohol. He escorts Seth out of the pub and Jackie follows. Henry is furious with Amos, especially when he drives Walter out of The Woolpack too. Jackie receives a letter informing him of his court date - 20th January 1983 in the Hotten Magistrates Court. Dolly thinks she's in labour. Sandie wants to go see Dolly in hospital. She's inquisitive about what it's like having a baby. Dolly returns to the farm, she's not in labour.


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