Amos offers Alison her job back but she declined, while Edward recommends her to Amy.


A Hull removal van takes away the Crossthwaites belongings and Annie is left with the mess. Bobby helps Joe out on the farm and gets a ride in the tractor. An uncomfortable Amos calls to see Alison, he mentions he's still looking for a barmaid and asks if she would consider the job again. She says she will think about it. Henry calls for Alison and is surprised to see Amos there. She tells Henry she can't see herself returning to The Woolpack.Henry is about to ask her a question when the phone rings. Annie informs Alison of Ronnie and Beryl's house that is for sale. Sam receives news of his confirmation date. Dr. Scott finds Jack in her sitting room uninvited, she is annoyed and cool with him. He invites her out to a concert; she agrees. He talks to her about his struggle of writing his book about Trash. Annie is touchy when Joe and Sam talk about Henry and Alison. Amy talks to Reverend Ruskin about struggling in the shop with her arthritis as she can't reach the high shelves anymore. Reverend Ruskin suggests Alison as a helper and she agrees. Henry tries to talk to Alison again but Joe interrupts when he finds an article in the newspaper suggesting Dale Breweries are about to be taken over.


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