Pat's nightmare becomes a reality when Sandie admits she's pregnant, and she refuses to have an abortion. Meanwhile, Donald confronts Barbara over the time she's spending with Joe and manages to upset her.


Seth is unhappy with Henry's gift of a chain for his glasses. Seth can't help himself but antagonise Amos but Henry stops him from lashing out. Donald phones Pat and asks for Annie or Jackie, leaving her curious. Pat tells Jack that he doesn't know how to handle Sandie. She worries that Sandie is pregnant and doesn't know how to ask. Jack tells Annie that Pat is upset because she thinks Sandie is pregnant, which Annie confirms is true. Jack tries to convince Annie to get Sandie to tell Pat, despite Sandie asking Annie to tell Pat. Donald confronts Barbara about spending time with Joe and Jackie and upsets her. Annie tries to convince Sandie to tell Pat that she's pregnant. Sandie runs off to talk to her mother, but gets cold feet. Jackie spots Sandie running into a barn and goes to see if she's alright. Sandie tells him that she's pregnant but refuses to tell him who the father is. Joe leaves Beckindale for work, telling Annie that Alan withheld the letter telling him that he was to travel for work. Jackie goes to Longthorn Farm to confront Andy. Andy plays dumb, resulting in Jackie beating him up. Pat pleads with Sandie to have an abortion. Sandie agrees to at least see the doctor. Pat comforts and reassures Sandie.


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