It's the day of Ashley's funeral. Laurel sits on the stairs and stares at family photos. Diane, Doug and Bernice call round at Mulberry Cottage. At the church, Harriet begins to say the Lord's Prayer but stops and admits to God that she isn't sure she's up to this. Aaron's probation officer has given him the okay to travel to Mauritius. Robert receives a call from Ross hassling him about the money. Rishi walks out of the café without paying after Faith enters. Eric inquires if they've fallen out. The villagers gather outside Mulberry Cottage. Ashley's family walk behind the hearse and the villagers follow on behind. Robert hands Ross some money, but he's not pleased it's only half the amount he requested. Robert questions what Rebecca will think of Ross blackmailing him but Ross explains he isn't with Rebecca anymore so Robert is forced to promise him the other half too. Ashley's friends, loved ones, and neighbours shuffle into the church. Pete desperately tried to get hold of Finn without success. Ross explains he'll soon have the money to buy a new taxi. Ashley's coffin is carried into the church and the service begins. Harriet accidentally calls Doug 'Dog' which raises a few laughs. Doug reads the eulogy. Before Aaron and Robert leave for the airport, Robert phones Rebecca and informs her of Ross' blackmail. Ross watches as Robert and Aaron go speeding out of the village. Laurel holds Arthur and Gabby's hands as Doug continues with the eulogy. Meanwhile, at Mulberry Cottage, Sandy watches home videos of Ashley. Doug finishes the eulogy by saying Ashley is in heaven with Daniel. Ashley's coffin is carried out of the church. Pete and Ross inform Emma that the taxi firm is going under, just as Finn pitches up. As the coffin is carried to the Cemetery, Diane questions how long Gabby will keep up blaming Bernice for not being there when her dad died. Diane assures Gabby she was there for Ashley at the end as she cared for him when he came home and sit with him for hours at the care home. Diane pleads with Gabby not to beat herself up and encourages her to treasure the moments she did have. Finn tells his family about being stuck in Taiwan for two days after the plane was diverted. Rishi inquires what Faith has been saying about him and tells Eric nothing happened as he couldn't go through with things, revealing Faith has undergone a double mastectomy. Rishi shouts about Faith's double mastectomy as Faith walks into the pub. Ashley's coffin is put into the ground and Arthur reads a poem he wrote named "I loved my dad because..." but he can't finish it and runs off. Sarah finds Faith crying in the toilets. Laurel follows Arthur to the Pirate Ship and tells him he's been brave. Arthur explains he'll run out of things in the poem as there won't be anymore memories with Ashley. She comforts her son and tells him he won't run out of memories in his heart. Laurel promises Arthur things will get easier and they'll make new memories.


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