Clifford is incensed when he discovers Jackie has beaten up Andy, but he is kept in the dark as to why. Meanwhile, Henry is at the end of his tether with Amos, and Amos is thrown when Henry explodes.


Annie asks Henry to come to the farm; he's relieved to get away from Amos and his philosophy and refusal to sell ale. Matt worries about what Sam will say about Sandie's pregnancy. Dolly and Annie find the poem that Jack threw into the hearth, but decide to keep it just in case. Annie tries to counsel a worried Pat. Henry arrives, but just as Annie begins to tell him about Sandie's pregnancy, Clifford calls to say Jackie has beaten up Andy. Jackie returns to the vicarage; his evasiveness concerns Donald, who is still catching up with Barbara. Seth tries to get Alan to rehire Jackie, but Alan flatly refuses. Annie and Henry discuss the pregnancy and Andy's assault. Clifford confronts Jackie at The Woolpack as Jack and Matt arrive. Jack tries to help, but Jackie tells him to keep out. When Jack says he'll try to find out what caused the fight, Clifford agrees not to go to the police, but his patience is limited. Dolly tries to reassure Pat but it does little good. Pat tells Jackie about the pregnancy, only to realise he already knows. She asks him who the father is - he says she'd better ask Sandie. Jackie stops by the farm and he realises Annie knows everything about Andy and the pregnancy; he's uneasy when she says once Clifford learns the truth, the beating Jackie gave his son will make matters worse for Sandie. After more nattering, Amos is thrown when Henry makes it clear just how fed up he is.


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