Peggy relents and decides to have the twins christened, but tragedy strikes when Peggy collapses and is rushed to hospital. Bobby falls running away from Joe and makes allegations that Joe hit him.


Amos sees the article in the paper about the brewery takeover and starts to panic. Janie thinks that Frank is wasting his talents in the village just mending farm implements. Peggy and Matt visit and ask if Janie will be godmother to Sally as they've finally decided to have a christening. Matt asks Annie to be godmother to both Sam and Sally and Joe to be godfather to Sam. Joe has taken Bobby fishing, he's impatient. Joe finds that he's been playing truant from school and he runs away from him. It's Sam's confirmation day and he's nervous. Bobby falls running away from Joe. Jack finds him and he accuses Joe of hitting him across the face. Dr. Scott patches Bobby up, he still insists that Joe hit him. Alison is enjoying working in the shop; Henry advises her to not make any long term plans and she realises that he is expecting more from her. Dr. Scott has been to see Mrs Benfield and has discovered Bobby's been playing truant since they came back from Ireland. She refuses Jack's offer to take her out due to work. Matt invites the family to Hawthorn Cottage for a little party. Jack seeks refuge at the Forge when it starts to rain. Reverend Ruskin asks Alison if Liz mentioned anything about her visit to the doctors, he's concerned as she's not told him anything. Alison says that Liz has refused private treatment by an osteopath because of the cost involved. Annie, Joe, Jack, Sam, Frank and Janie arrive back at Emmerdale Farm following the party at Hawthorn Cottage, they've all left early due to Peggy needing to go to bed. Matt dashes into the farm panicking that Peggy's collapsed on the floor and he can't wake her.


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