Sandie gets an idea when she has a discussion with Dolly about illegitimately having Graham, whilst Jackie decides to move into Emmerdale Farm. Seth's problem of affording glasses is solved when Walter accidentally breaks them.


Jackie informs Donald that he's moving into Emmerdale Farm. They discuss Sandie's pregnancy, and Jackie correctly guesses that Donald thinks Sandie and Andy should marry. Jackie points out that Pat didn't marry Tom out of love and it did nobody any good. Clifford asks Matt what the fight between Jackie and Andy but Matt says he can't say anything as he doesn't know the whole truth. Jack tries to show Pat that it's Sandie's decision whether she wants an abortion or not - she can't force Sandie's hand either. Amos is eager to impress Barbara by making a "perfect gin". Seth complains about his glasses but he cannot afford to replace them, but Walter accidentally breaks them. He tells Walter that he will be replacing them. Andy makes clear to Sandie that he wants her to have an abortion, but she wants to keep the baby and to marry him if that's what it takes. Carol has told Peggy that Sandie is pregnant. When Peggy tells Clifford, he immediately figures out what's going on. Amos gets out of Henry that Sandie is pregnant, he is shocked. Amos worries what Tom will do - Henry realises he hasn't even been told. Peggy confronts Andy and tells him off. Donald talks to Sandie - he wants her to marry Andy but Sandie admits she doesn't love Andy. He strongly disagrees with Pat's wish for Sandie to have an abortion and wants to talk to her, but Sandie says that may not be the best idea. Dolly talks to Sandie about when she had a son with Richard Roper in 1968 and they were unmarried, Dolly tells her she put Graham up for adoption. Speaking to Dolly has made Sandie decide she wants to give the baby up for adoption to help another couple that can't have kids, especially when Dolly says she's happy with her decision in the end. They notice an unrecognisable car pull up to the house...


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