Andy proposes to Sandie but she rejects, and impresses Jack when she stands up for herself in front of everyone. She decides to move in with Tom in Aberdeen. Meanwhile, Sam wins a cruise to the Canary Islands for him and Annie.


The Longthorns and the Sugdens/Merricks sit down. Clifford says that Andy is willing to marry Sandie but Sandie says it's only because he's told to. Peggy tells her it was Andy's decision and Andy backs her up. Sandie thinks everyone is blaming her, but Peggy reassures her. Sandie points out Pat wanted an abortion so she doesn't see what the problem is, but Clifford says they don't believe abortion is right, so when the baby is born and Andy and Sandie is wed, they can live in Lower Hall Farm. Sandie rejects and points out she only knows who the real father is and refuses to disclose who it is. She wants to lead her life and not play by the book and walks out. Tom phones Emmerdale Farm to speak to Sandie, but Pat ends up speaking first and ends up hanging up. Tom has told her he's waiting for Sandie in Aberdeen. Alan orders Seth to get some new glasses. Sandie says goodbye to Matt and Dolly before leaving for Aberdeen. Jack tells Pat she thinks the way Sandie stood up to everyone was admirable. Sandie apologises to Sam for what's happened. Sandie is surprised when Annie admits she's glad Sandie is having the baby, and that she's decided not to marry Andy because she doesn't love him. Jack drives her to the station. Henry is thrilled to learn NY Estates's profits have soared and subsequently, the worth of his shares have increased. He pays Clifford to borrow his tractor again. Seth is infuriated by Walter ignoring him. Sam has won a cruise for two to the Canary Islands and he gives it to Jack and Pat but she rejects. Sam is even more excited about the fact Amos entered the competition too. Amos discovers he's won a tricycle and thinks Sam will take it hard.


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