Henry ends up forcing Alan's hand into getting Primrose Dingle sorted, unaware of the trouble it's about to cause. Meanwhile, Amos nurses a hangover whilst Jackie takes interest in a butter churner.


Jack gets a nasty cut moving things in the shed. Dolly struggles to do the housework and look after baby Sam. Amos has a hangover but tells Henry that he's fine. Barbara tells Donald that she doesn't know how long she wants to be away from Brian for. Jackie is adamant that the stand for the butter churn will work, despite Matt's advice. Amos is adamant he does not have a hangover. Henry and Amos try to discover who the mysterious Eric Birdwick who writes articles in the paper about bars and restaurants in the Yorkshire Dales. Pat worries if she's a bad mother, especially since Dolly rejected her offer of babysitting Sam. Amos looks in the newspaper at what other pubs do, to make The Woolpack better. He decides to give free nuts at the bar. Henry still has a sore neck but thinks nothing of it. He has a few words with Alan about Primrose Dingle, and Alan heads back to Home Farm to ask the staff to begin working on it. Jackie accidentally breaks his butter churning stand.


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