Pete tells hungover Leyla that he's booked them couples spa treatments. She's delighted although slightly put out to learn it's at Beauty & Bernice. Pete tells Leyla he loves her. Rodney shows off his magic tricks to the café customers but they don't go to plan. Rhona debates whether she should be at Smithy Cottage when Pierce calls round to collect his things. Vanessa's offer to be there instead. Bernice spots Doug packing his bag and jumps to conclusions. Doug explains he's going to surprise Diane by flying to Stavanger and joining her cruise when it docks there. Bernice thinks it's romantic. The Dingles can't believe Cain is seeing Harriet. Leyla is called up to Home Farm by Megan, so she suggests Priya joins Pete at the couples massage. Vanessa is hostile towards Pierce when he arrives to collect his belongs accompanied by PC Hayes. Things are extremely awkward between Pete and Priya as they attend the couples massage together. Pierce packs up his belongs under Vanessa's watchful eye. Pearl wonders why there is a police officer there. Pierce drops some coins and whilst he picks them up, he spots Rhona's crushed wedding rings under the sofa. Leyla tells Megan she was unable to get another model at such sort notice. Megan isn't surprised and suggests Leyla step in. Emma visits Harriet and inquires if she has spoken to the police. Harriet hopes Finn can fill in some blanks and reveals Finn was in the car with the men who stabbed her. Emma insists she's mistaken as Finn was only trying to help. Bernice lathers Pete's back with a mix she has created herself but Pete quickly feels like his back is starting to burn. Gerry flirts with Megan. Leyla comes downstairs wearing a wedding dress for the photo shoot. Bernice removes the mixture from Pete's red raw back and he quickly exits the salon as Priya looks on laughing. Cain visits Harriet and he asks her if she recognised the people who injured her. She reveals Finn was in the car with the men who stabbed her and although has't told the police yet, she is adamant she will. In The Woolpack, Emma tells Finn and Ross that Harriet knows Finn was with the men who stabbed her. Ross requests Cain reigns Harriet in, threatening to tell Harriet about what happened yesterday if he doesn't. Pierce tells Vanessa that he loves Rhona but warns that if Rhona carries on with these lies, he'll destroy her. Leyla loves the wedding dress she wore for the photo shoot and Megan suggests she may be putting it on again soon. Meanwhile, Priya calls round at Tug Ghyll with Pete's shoes. She rubs chamomile lotion on Pete's back and they end up kissing.


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