Jackie gets into hot water at Emmerdale Farm when he does Seth a favour. Matt and Dolly have trouble with baby Sam. Alan catches Jackie taking some chicken wire so Jackie dumps it and runs. Alan calls all his workforce into the office. He tells Jock, Daniel and John and the others that they cannot refuse to clear up Primrose Dingle, and that they are all general labourers, and do not have specific jobs. John says that the contracts are only drawn up for the convenience of the office. They offer to do the dingle on overtime but Alan says they can do it in normal working hours. Daniel maintains that his is a cowman, not a navvy. Alan then threatens to sack them if they do not do what he says. Seth is skiving off, and trying to avoid Alan, so as to make sure Alan does not ask him to work on the dingle. Amos bans the Home Farm workforce from discussing union matters in The Woolpack, saying that Alan is a true gentleman and a born leader, and if Alan asks them to do a job, they should just do it. The workforce takes umbrage at Amos' ban, so they all leave to go to The Maltshovel.


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