Peggy has died in hospital and the Sugdens are in mourning. Edward arrives to comfort the family and begin planning the funeral.


It's early morning and everyone is in mourning following Peggy's death. Reverend Ruskin visits Dr. Scott who tells her that Peggy died of a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Carol tries to comfort Janie. Ruskin tries to comfort Annie and Sam. Annie tends to the crying twins. Ruskin asks Sam to choose some hymns for the funeral. Amos calls to pay his respects; he hints that Dr. Scott is not as experienced as she should be. Annie is furious and tells him that Dr. Scott did everything that she could. She blames herself, wishing she'd have made Peggy go to the doctors about the headaches. Henry has decided to stay at The Feathers until the funeral. Liz calls to see Annie, she worries about Sam not talking. Jack talks to Dr. Scott and tries to reassure himself that there was nothing anyone could have done. Annie returns from seeing Matt, she and Sam comfort each other.


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