Dolly informs Matt that she's booked an appointment with paediatrician Dr Conway tomorrow about Samuel's vaccines. Alan introduces Amos to Tufty Billingham and The Major. Tufty is welcoming, but The Major refuses to shake Amos's hand. Donald tries to talk Barbara into going back to London and reconciling with Brian. Donald reveals he thought Brian was aggressive but realises he was intimidated. The Major gets annoyed when Amos keeps talking during his swing. Jesse informs Joe that some ewes have gone missing, John believes rustlers have come to the farm. Seth recalls seeing a removing van. Matt also notices some ewes missing from Emmerdale Farm. Amos is pleased when Tufty compliments his swing. Joe informs Matt that he is also missing ewes. They call the police. The Major throws his ball when nobody is watching, and Amos does the same, believing that's in the rules. Alan tells Amos off, but Amos tells him that the Major has just done it too. The Major throws a fit and storms off. Tufty informs Amos that he's the first person to catch The Major cheating. Donald invites Brian over. Amos realises he has left his wallet in the changing room and goes to get it. Overhearing Alan and the Major harshly criticising him, Amos is upset. Amos makes an excuse to leave. Tufty offers to drop Amos back at The Woolpack. Pat is unhappy when Jackie and Matt stay out to watch the sheep. Amos arrives back to The Woolpack and tries to evade Henry's questions and goes upstairs for a lie-down.


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