The sheep rustlers have struck again. Donald worries to Barbara that Alan only hired her because she is pretty. Sgt. MacArthur warns Jack not to put the law into his own hands. Henry is confused when he discovers Amos lied to Alan about needing to return home but backs up Amos's story. When Amos returns, Henry confronts him. Amos says he overheard Alan and a golfing pal criticising him. Henry says Alan was rude to do that. Amos tells Henry that he wishes he had not defended Alan against his NY Estates workforce. He advises Henry not to confront Alan about what he said at the golf club. Amos then welcomes the NY Estates group and Walter back to the pub. Dolly and Matt see Dr Conway, and she completely understands of the reasons they are visiting. Dr Conway informs Dolly and Matt the vaccine at the very worst cause fits, fever or brain damage, but without the vaccine, baby Sam would most likely catch whooping cough, which, although most children get over it, could result in death. The doctor informs them that during the epidemic not long ago, 27 died and 17 suffered brain damage. She tells Matt that about there are about 6 cases of damage, around of about 600,000 births a year. Matt asks if she has any children. The doctor says she's had all three of her children vaccinated, and none of them had any side effects. Dolly and Matt decided to get Sam vaccinated right then. Jack decides to camp out and try to catch them.


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