Jack finally catches the rustlers and goes for them with his shotgun, but when the rustler begins attacking Jack, Jack takes drastic action and hits the rustler over the head with a rock, leaving him unconscious. Meanwhile, Amos becomes suspicious over Joe and Barbara and suspects there may be something between them.


Joe helps a confused Barbara with the paperwork Alan has dumped on her. Seth tells Henry and Amos that Barbara has her eyes set on Joe. Pat is determined to help Jack, but Jack suggests she goes back to the farm. She refuses and tells him if he stopped talking he could get more work done. Ian arrives and informs the Sugdens that he has had a tip-off and they've got a plan to try catch the rustlers. Jack and Jackie wait in the cold barn for the rustlers against Pat's wishes and Ian's words. Joe arranges to have a drink with Barbara. Jack sends a bored Jackie to get some soup, via The Woolpack for whiskey. Seth rushes into the pub and announces he's seen the rustlers van heading up to Emmerdale land. Jackie rushes back to the farm with Seth and Joe as Alan goes to call the police. The rustlers begin opening the truck as Jack storms over with his shotgun. Jack threatens to shoot a rustler, and the rustler calls out that Jack has a gun. As the other rustlers drive off, the rustler knocks the shotgun out of Jack's hands and a fight ensues. Jack takes a few whacks and punches the rustler in the stomach. The rustler tries to gouge Jack's eyes and Jack reaches for a rock, smacking the rustler over the head and knocking him unconscious. Pat is worried when she hears sirens and rushes out. The rustler doesn't look good and Ian tells Jack he should have taken his advice.


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