DS Benton and DC Wilson ask Adam for a chat. Gabby refuses to go to school as everyone is aware she was questioned by the police. Lydia assures Laurel the nobody believes Gabby was responsible for Emma's death. DS Benton inspects Adam's car again and asks when he got the tyres. Adam explains they were changed when his car was serviced. DS Benton questions if this was before or after Emma died, but Adam isn't sure as his car was put in for a service before Emma's death and he didn't collect it until a few days later. Gerry is excited for the fireworks display and lies he has already carried out a risk assessment with the council. DS Benton and DC Wilson call in at the garage and asks Cain what he does with the old tyres. When the police leave, Cain calls Aaron and heads over to the scrapyard. Rhona, Marlon and Paddy meet with Ms Grant. Gerry prepares for the bonfire and fireworks. He admits to Liv that he should have a license for the fireworks. Cain and Aaron have found Adam's old tyres at the scrapyard and Cain insists they need to get rid of them. After Jessie agrees to forget about yesterday, Leo's parents put forward the case that Leo needs a teaching assistant. Jessie refers to Marlon and Paddy as partners. Paddy assumes she's talking about business partners and clarifies they just live together. Adam tells Victoria and Moira that he fears the police will go after him for Emma's murder. Upon learning Laurel and Arthur aren't going to the village bonfire, Rodney suggests they head over to Connelton View as Bob and Brenda are lighting a few Catherine Wheels. Laurel wants to avoid Bob so decides to go to the bonfire after all. Adam insists he wasn't responsible for Emma's death but Pete warns him he's onto him. Paddy and Marlon are shocked to learn Jessie thought they were a couple. Liv manages to persuade Gabby to attend the bonfire. The bonfire is lit. Aaron informs Adam that he and Cain have tidied up around the scrapyard so the police won't find anything - just as DS Benton appears with a warrant for the scrapyard. Aaron and Cain approach Gerry after hearing something happened between him and Liv. As well as searching the scrapyard, the police also seize Adam's car. Doug sets off all the fireworks but burns his hand in the process. As the fireworks continue to go off around them, the suspects have a flashback of their movements the day Emma died. Moira was in her car near the viaduct whilst both Ross and Pete had separate confrontations with their mother and Laurel returned to the village. Cain was in his car armed with a pipe and Adam was reading Emma's suicide note at Butlers Farm.


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